About the World People Project by Tallulah

The World People Project is a series of portraits and conversations that capture the unique, creative and quirky side of seemingly ordinary individuals. Many times a day, the people you see crossing the street or those you meet on your travels make you wonder, “What is their life like? What is their story?” As a photographer, I am compelled to capture these individuals’ images to created portraits that reflect their fascinating personalities and the world they live in. These remarkable people reflect the zeitgeist as well as the joy of living on this beautiful planet.

World People Project Process

Creating a new profile for the World People Project has a financial cost (sadly).
If you enjoy sharing these portraits, and would like to contribute to the World People Project, donations are welcome.
On average each profile costs $600 – $1000

World People Project Print Prices

8″ x 12” EDITION OF 500 $75
Limited-edition, exclusive to WORLD PEOPLE PROJECT
Museum quality: giclee inkjet prints premium lustre paper
Signed & numbered certificate of authenticity included

Quoted dimensions are for the size of paper containing the images, not the printed image itself. Having a margin protects the image from damage and allows for easier framing and mounting.

About Tallulah

Tallulah is a photojournalist who documents the lives and cultures of people around the world. She is based in Vancouver, Canada. Tallulah is also the co-founder with magazine writer Roberta Staley of Journeys to the Edge, an organization that supports independent international reporting as well as the education of emerging journalists in the developing world. Contact Tallulah


Roberta Staley, Editor

Alberta Gutteridge, Editor

Lisa Shikama, Japanese Translation

Akshay Chauhan, Digital Marketing Strategist

Wai Akdogu, Website Designer

Ingrid Campbell, Illustrations

Chaileen Kim, Logo Designer


The World People Project by Tallulah, brings the lives of people from worlds unlike your own. In order to sustain this outstanding work, the generosity of individuals and corporations helps keep the project alive and vibrant. The World People Project would like to thank the following sponsors:
Michael Gutteridge

Please contact Tallulah for sponsorship opportunities with The World People Project.

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