Faustine Des Rosiers Holistic Adviser - Vancouver, Canada

Faustine Des Rosiers

Age: Dec. 30 1979

Born: Kimberly, British Columbia

How long have you lived in Vancouver? In my early teens I was a gypsy street kid living around downtown Vancouver. I settled permanently in Vancouver when I was 19.

Occupations: I love the health food industry, and started working at a store called Vitamin Experts when I was 18. I have been in and out of the industry since then, working more jobs than anyone I know. I have been a nanny, landscaper, industrial janitor, bartender, server, demonstration person, dog walker, hostess at six different restaurants, and a house cleaner. Currently I am the assistant manager at Finlandia Pharmacy.

Passions and Interests: I’m best at helping people find solutions with their health and wellbeing.

What do people know you for?  Riding my bike down Broadway without a helmet. My love of people and helping them heal. My adventurous spirit and the ability to recruit others to help with my goals. Being a strong, healthy and vibrant woman.

Thoughts on Vancouver?  I feel blessed to live here because it’s so close to nature. We can hike in the mountains, swim in the ocean, run across a bridge, bike from one end of Vancouver to the other, drive to a camping spot in an hour, or climb a staircase up a mountain. In the city we can sing on Hastings Street, catch an art show, go to a music gig, eat German food, go ballroom dancing, participate in a protest, watch a movie, go to a farmers’ market and buy wicked threads on Main Street.

Tallulah’s Musings

I have known Faustine for quite a few years. When I see her, she always has a beautiful smile and is often wearing flowers in her hair. She is so knowledgeable about human health and how to improve our lives through nutrition. Faustine is famous for the huge pots of borscht she makes for friends and family. She also organizes weekly yoga and meditation classes at the Vancouver Recovery Club.

The backdrop for the portrait session was one of Vancouver’s many community gardens. Inspired by Faustine’s Ukrainian heritage and love of flowers, the photo includes Faustine’s trusty bike with a basket full of ingredients for making borscht.