Leroy Wan Artist, Performer - Vancouver, Canada

Leroy Wan

Age: Nov. 26, 1991, Sagittarius

Born: I was born and raised in East Vancouver, my ol’ man and my teacher.

How long have you lived in Vancouver? I have lived in Vancouver for 21 very sexy, educational and fabulous years.

Occupations: I started volunteering when I was 12 at local family centres like the Kiwassa Neighbourhood House — its after-school programs were so important for me when I was growing up. I have worked summers at the PNE and sold phones for TELUS. I also worked at TELUS’S landmark LGTBQ-forward outlet called Come As You Are, or CAYA, on Davie Street. I have also been involved with Vancouver Fashion Week, and CiTR 101.9 FM, or Queer FM. Currently I work at The Bay in Metrotown, in addition to my performance art.

Passions and Interests: I love good dessert wine, polite men and fashion. But nothing compares to my passion for performing on stage. This is where I feel untouchable — fearless. I live for a good, clean stage — one that has been wiped and mopped so that I can cover it with my glitter and scuff it up with my heels. Then there is my undying passion for Madonna, God bless that woman.

What do people know you for? 1990s’ Leroy was known for being very good at soccer. Today’s Leroy is known for his stage and musical performance pieces. This year I wrote an essay that was published in Dan Savage’s handbook Radical Youth. My art performance band Leroy + The Lovebots also performed at the Museum of Vancouver’s “Sex Talk in The City” opening night exhibition.

Thoughts on Vancouver? Vancouver means East Van Fridays, good girlfriends, big burning haute beach bonfires, running in your heels from the cops up the steps of Wreck Beach and feeling free. Vancouver summers are about making your underwear outerwear. It means being broke and being hung over but feeling like you are on top of the world. This phrase changed my life: “All the people and places you hate, all the fateful hardships you are angry at, all the roads that lead you nowhere will become your greatest teachers. They will make you who you are.” Vancouver made me who I am.

Tallulah’s Musings

I first heard of Leroy from a friend, who met him when he was an endearing child of seven. Even at that young age he impressed as someone who saw life in a unique way. When I finally saw him perform on stage I was in awe of his energy. Off stage, he radiates kindness and charm and has that ability to make you feel special. The photo shoot was held on Vancouver’s East Side, starting at the Japanese Gardens at the PNE grounds, then moved to Hasting Street. Leroy created a headpiece for the first session and three different outfits. We shot until the crepuscular light faded into darkness.