Uchenna Asiegbu Student - Vancouver, Canada

Uchenna Asiegbu

Age: I was born Nov. 21 1993, the year of the Rooster

Born: Here in beautiful Vancouver.

How long have you lived in Vancouver? All my life.

Occupations: I started work at the age of 13 as a labourer in a machining company. After that I worked mostly retail. These days I work in a skateboard shop in Metrotown in Burnaby. I am currently studying to earn a degree in microbiology.

Passions and Interests: I love being around people and taking the time to make a person’s day, especially if they are strangers. My name, Uchenna, intrigues people; it is Nigerian and means Gift of God. My hair style started a few years back when I tried to imitate Will Smith for a Halloween party. Afterwards, the inspiration for my hair was the 1980’s hip hop group Kid ‘n Play. With my hair, I am 6’5”. I am also into skateboard culture. One of my favourite skateboards is called the Hammerhead—its sales communicate the message that we need to stop killing sharks for their fins.

What do people know you for? People always remember my hair. My business wardrobe is retro, and my raincoat is an integral part of it. Friends know me for being calm—almost too calm.

Thoughts on Vancouver? Always bring a raincoat, no matter the forecast. I love the diverse communities and cultures that exist here.

Tallulah’s Musings

I met Uchenna when I was in a local drugstore where he was working. His hair was the launch point of our conversation. For the portrait, Uchenna wore his  business outfit, including his raincoat, and we chose an urban background on the east side of Vancouver. The sun was blazing the day of the photography shoot, so the raincoat was an ode to unpredictable rainy days in Vancouver. When you are with Uchenna, the smiles, looks and comments of strangers about his hair reminded me how we all love to connect with people.